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Appearing on the market of drugs in the late 90th of the last century, metformin has become one of the first oral insulin-containing remedies that can be used by people suffering from diabetes, to lose weight.

Nowadays, Metformin online pills has been used successfully in sports environment, allowing you to simultaneously perform therapeutic functions and regulate the process of losing weight and build muscle while engaging physical activity.

Naturally, the strength of therapeutic effects of Metformin inferior to insulin itself, in connection with nothing to date has successfully practiced by the practice of metformin combined with insulin to treat type II diabetes. Such an integrated approach to treatment can reduce weight gain in the treatment of diabetes, due to inevitable progressive accumulation of fat in the daily injections of the hormone insulin.

Where to Buy Metformin/Glucophage Online:

Deciding to buy Metformin, let’s see its mechanism of action on human body.

- Exerts an inhibitory (slowing) effect on the process of absorption of glucose;

- Blocks the synthesis of glucose in the liver that is vital for patients who have an increased glucose tolerance;

- Reduces the secretion of internal (endogenous) insulin;

- Increases the intensity of anaerobic glycolysis, which is characteristic for the peripheral tissues;

- Dramatically increases the concentration of glycerol and free fatty acids in plasma, thereby greatly enhancing the process of fat burning (lipolysis).

Since 2005, patients prefer to buy metformin online as the drug of first-line pharmacological intervention for type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM 2) in the recommendations of the International Diabetes Federation. Since 2006 Metformin has become the first-line drug in conjunction with non-pharmacological treatment of type 2 diabetes within the guidelines of the American and European Diabetes association. Since 2007 and to our days, Metformin – the only drug in the medical prevention of type 2 diabetes according to ADA recommendations.